Students of BS in Horticulture in the Cytadela Park

In the second half of June, students of BS in Horticulture visited the Cytadela Park with dr. S. Janyszek as part of their course in Plant diversity.

The Cytadela Park is the largest park in Poznań (covering the area of over 100 ha), and worth visiting for both  environmental as well as historical reasons. Students could see fragments of natural forests typical for lowland Poland (oak and hornbeam forests as well as elm riparian forests) that was integrated into the cultural landscape. They got to know interesting native and alien species of dendroflora and species of herbaceous plants. Despite the fact that the tour was part of botany classes, the participants of the course also found some interesting representatives of water birds, singing birds and mammals.  They could also see the elements of a 19-century fortification entering the so-called Poznań Fortress, one of the largest and most famous historical defensive systems in Europe.

dr Renata Nowińska   
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